Bring on the Dancing Horses is a modern day Western that made its world premiere at the Sundance Film Festival on opening day! Featuring the talented Kate Bosworth. This film slowly puts a twist on classic westerns. She  is out to complete her list of targets and exact her own brand of poetic justice. Created by Michael Polish. 

Michael Polish is the director, creator, and producer of the 10-part indie episodic series. Starring Jasper Polish and Kate Bosworth (21, Blue Crush), who also executive produces, the series tells the story of an assassin who is out to complete her list of targets and exact her own brand of poetic justice. Polish’s film makes its world premiere today at the 2022 Sundance Film Festival in the Indie Episodic Program. In the following essay, Polish explains how he made this series as an independent production during the pandemic.

“Darling, the world is ending. ”In March 2020, I walked into an empty dumpling house downtown to meet my partner, and after I sat down, I heard these five words. The industry had shut down, and to two artists, the world was ending. But if these last 25+ years as an independent filmmaker have taught me anything, I know one thing to be true… the tighter the circumstances are, the more creative you are. The restrictions humbled me back to my beginning. I suggested we go to Montana and do what we do best, run and gun it, and make Bring On The Dancing Horses, a 10-episode series.

Sugar provided post production services  for this project, (10 episodes),  including Color Grading, Sound Design and Mix, Dailies, Editorial Services, Visual Effects and Deliverable