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Movie Maker chronicles how Jijo Reed went from “Punk Rock to Post” with Sugar Studios

Jijo Reed named #1 NY Weekly Trendsetter of 2023

“Let’s give an LA Shoutout to Sugar Studios and Jijo Reed…

“With the emergence of independent film and streaming networks, Sugar Studios has found themselves in the center of this content revolution…

It's no secret filmmaking is sweet. There's the thrill of telling an untold story. Turning a big idea into a real-world reality.

The Blackening post supervisor surprise when the Tim Story-directed horror comedy played for test audiences: It got even more laughs than the filmmakers expected. Jijo Reed got a nice

Read about how he used audience reactions to sharpen the film even more.

Sugar Studios has expanded from its fourth floor headquarters in the historic Wiltern Theater

LOS ANGELES — Production/post production facility Sugar Studios LA ( recently wrapped up work on a social media campaign for supplement startup Ladder. The ‘Dueling Playlists’ spot runs approximately

Saban Films has acquired North American rights to American Dreamer, Derrick Borte’s thriller starring Jim Gaffigan as a

Ike Barinholtz wrote, directed and starred in a new independent film titled ‘The Oath’ fully posted at Sugar Studios LA

The Swiss distributor has picked up rights from Sugar Studios to Jijo Reed’s documentary. Presumed Guilty explores the 2013 MUS money laundering case, in which five Czechs and a

The post industry relies heavily on storage solutions, without question. Facilities are jugging a variety of tasks and multiple projects all at once. And deadlines are always looming. Thus,