Sugar is not so sweet anymore... We are sorry to say that Sugar Studios is now permanently closed. Unfortunately our landlords, Larco Investments/Maple Leaf Property Management, informed us (and our new prospective buyers) last Friday that they elected NOT to renew the lease for the purposes of a photo studio rental space.


Therefore...when handed lemons, we make lemonade (or as Kelsey says, when handed limes, we make margaritas), effective immediately, we have now PARTNERED with

Stage 6!

All Sugar Studios bookings are now being handled by Ryan at Stage 6. Sugar and Stage 6 have officially partnered, combining the Stage 6 large scale shooting cove and facility with all of our beautiful decor, equipment and amenities from Sugar Studios. It is a win-win for both studios and provides our existing clientele with a beautiful, large shooting space!

Stage 6 is conveniently located within a 5 minute drive from downtown Vancouver at 65 East 6th Ave

Our #1 company, THEY Representation, and our #2 company, THEY Produce, are busier than ever. We are moving our offices out of 1635 Powell Street to the North Shore, but our phones and emails are all exactly the same -

Sugar Studios Owner, Gina Hole and Studio Manager Kelsey Sheppard want to thank everyone who has ever #shotinsugar, rented, photographed, filmed, exhibited, celebrated, partied....anything in Sugar. We have so enjoyed providing you a beautiful space to work in Vancouver and we look forward to seeing you up at Stage 6!

Stage 6: - for all studio inquiries and assistance with bookings, contact Studio Manager, Ryan Marchant at (604) 873-4807 or by email at